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As one of India’s leading custom software development enterprises, Celestiq DataTech Pvt. Ltd. makes frontline software product solutions that boost startups, SMBs, and enterprises to achieve innovation and change the digital world.

We administer an individual approach to our clients and take time to examine their business requirements to build a custom software product that satisfies all the expectations.

Custom Software Development
Custom Software Development

What Is Custom Software Development?

Custom software development involves developing software products for the client or a group of customers within a company. Such software product is curated specifically to deal with the target user’s requirements, unlike extensive off-the-shelf software.

We administer an individual approach to our clients and take time to examine their business requirements to build a custom software product that satisfies all their expectations.

Custom Software Development for Startups

Custom Software Development for Start-ups

Start-ups solve problems using ideas driven by rapid innovation. Custom software is used by start-ups to create solution oriented workflows and experiences. It is precisely what’s required to succeed.

Celestiq works with start-ups through its rapid MVP development and support services. We’re here to help start-ups with enterprise-grade technology.

Custom Software Development for Enterprises

Custom Software Development for Enterprises

Custom software is used by enterprises to optimize costs and operations efficiency at scale. Furthermore, enterprises opt for custom software development to ensure security and privacy of their valuable data.

Celestiq provides custom enterprise development at start-up speed. We deliver high usability, performance and precision required by enterprises.

Why Choose Us For Your Custom Software Development Needs?

There are many custom software developers out there. So why should you choose us for custom software development? Here’s why we are different and the best.

Our app developers work within your time zone to allow real-time participation and a proper branch location feel, assuring complete scope during your business hours. 

We collaborate with you based on your software development goals to bring you the most value and the fastest return on your investment while setting tactics and a devoted team to your project.   

Custom Mobile App Development

Comprehensive Custom Software Development

Sector-specific Experience

Our software developers are arranged in virtual sections, taking the domain experience and know-how within the sector to provide exceptional development solutions.  

Digital Transformation

We build software products with effective digital transformation to help you handle all technical challenges. 

Source Code & IP Ownership

Our completely customizable software solutions need no licensing fees upon project completion. Under our contract, you will own your custom software product’s source code and creative property.

Expert Development

We provide expert custom software development services with frontline arising technologies, including IoT, Blockchain, and Artificial Intelligence (AI).  

Easy Interdepartmental Flow

At Celestiq, we have easy interdepartmental data flow for better corporate and interdepartmental networks.   

Reduce Manual Work

We develop custom software products for you that significantly decrease manual labor in collection and processing functionalities to enhance productivity.  

Comprehensive Development Expertise

Our group has already delivered over 80 successful custom software products to clients situated all over the globe. 

Individual Approach

We apply a solo approach to every client and provide top-quality, highly customized software product solutions that handle the user’s particular business goals.

Clean & Secure APIs

We make clean & safe APIs to allow convenient integration of new software with old tools to allow error-free automation for custom solutions. 

The Advantages Of Working With Us


Our clients can conveniently track the project progress and ensure everything is run in time. It gives clarity of all the procedures.


When we deliver every sprint, analyze all results, and check them for compliance with all the criteria and needs, it ensures the reliability of the end-product.


The scrum methodology allows us to control the time and quality problems and develop a high-quality custom software product.

As India’s leading custom software development, outsourcing, and offshore company, we devote ourselves to your success by following our motto, clients’ success is our no one aim and priority. Nothing is beyond it. We look forward to help you build a successful custom software product.

Custom Software Product Development Process

Requirement Assessment

We take the time to understand your trade and perform a thorough project requirement assessment to suggest the best structural solution and make the pathway for the complete project application.

UI/UX Design

At this phase, we transform software specs into a design plan, create design models, and make a software prototype. Driven by the mission and vision to develop a dynamic-instinctive digital experience, we perform numerous tests to deliver a successful result.

Software Development

This phase includes front-end and back-end development and writing a refined code for a future product. Our programmers are talented in the most famous programming languages and select technologies suitable for your software product.

Quality Assurance Testing

QA testing has a specific role in software product success. That’s why we run comprehensive quality assurance testing at every software product development phase to find out defects, report bugs, track errors, fix them, and hand over the best quality.

Deployment & Support

This stage implies the proper product launch, including software product deployment in the market, post-launch customer support, and software maintenance. At Celestiq, we build code that provides high quality, straight for deployment, and ease of maintenance. In addition, we often perform code reviews and recode to remove bugs in time and transform your software product along with your business.

Software Development Technologies

Our skilled developers are well-versed and experienced in the latest technology to deliver you the top-quality custom software product. Please look at the technology we use that builds further trust with our clients.

  • Android.
  • Kotlin.
  • React.
  • React Native.
  • Angular.
  • MySQL.
  • Flutter.
  • Microsoft SQL Server.
  • PostgreSQL.
  • MongoDB.
  • GraphQL.
  • Firebase.
  • Twilio SendGrid.
  • Hangfire
  • Swagger supported by Smartbear.
  • ReDoc.
  • Azure.
  • Amazon Web Services.
  • Java.
  • IOS.
  • PHP.
  • Swift.
  • .Net Core.
  • Google Cloud Platform.

Custom Software Development Services

We provide a comprehensive collection of services to help businesses make custom software products that speed their progress and drive success in the digital era. Please look at our catalog of 6 custom software development services and choose the one you need.

  • Software product development.
  • Enterprise software development.
  • SaaS development.
  • Software integration and modernization.
  • IT consulting.
  • Quality assurance and software testing. 

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